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Digimon: Digi-Battle CCG

Digimon: Digi-Battle CCG
Digimon: Digi-Battle CCG
Date published:
February 2000
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Digi-Battle, also known as Digimon as well as Digital Monster Card Game or Hyper Coloseeum in foreign markets, is an out-of-print collectible card game by Upper Deck and Bandai. It was initially released in February 2000 as fixed 62-card starter decks and four 30-card "Street Decks". Six additional expansions were released called Series 1 through 6. Upper Deck's contract with Bandai expired after the release of Series 2 when Bandai began self-producing it. Digi-Battle released a series of promos through Taco Bell as well as other venues like movie theaters, video game and television promotions. The game ended in 2001 with a transition to Bandai's next CCG iteration called Digimon D-Tector.

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