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Becoming a community project


Hi everyone.

CCG Trader lost it's major financial backer over a year ago and I've been unsure about whether to keep it running or just shut it down. So I think it's a good idea to get the community involved and see what you think about the value of the site.

The cost of keeping the site running is currently quite low, but there are a number of areas that need fixes or improvements. Some monetary support will help, so please contribute if you can. But, we also need help to maintain the card database, and improve the design & code.

In return I promise to be transparent about all incoming and outgoing money, and keep the site a community-driven not-for-profit project. Hopefully at some point we can solidify everything under some sort of Foundation structure.

To track this project and contribute head over to the CCG Trader Collective page that is kindly hosted by the Open Collective.

Thanks for your support!

Paul van der Westhuizen
Web developer

The loss of Jeff Greening


The primary founder of CCG Trader, Jeff Greening, died unexpectedly on June 2nd, 2022 leaving behind his wife Daniela and two children. In spite of this tragic loss Daniela will continue to support this site and has plans to develop new features.

The site is growing well so far and last month we reached a new peak of 5.4k people using the site.

Eight sales, across three countries, have completed so far and all have received 5-star ratings. We hope you're also able to benefit from the Marketplace. We're getting directly in touch with some larger sellers to help them bulk-load their cards onto the site, but please get in touch if you're looking to sell and have any questions or need assistance.