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Survivor TCG

Survivor TCG
Survivor TCG
Upper Deck
Date published:
February 2001
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The Upper Deck's Survivor Trading Card Game is a game for two players.There is a 60 cards deck from which players choose their castaways and then they pit them in direct competition. Only one can capture the Immunity Idol and stay on the island during each test.

Players compete in immunity Challenge mini-games and have to manage and appoint their Food and Alliance cards. You have to Outwit, outplay and outlast your opponent in order to manage to survive and win.

During each of the immunity chalenge mini games, players have the opportunity to vote off an opponent's Castaway. Nothing is certain though since Fortune and Item cards come into play and the fate of any survivor is uncertain until each game round is over.

Strength, wits, endurance, speed, accuracy, balance, swimming, and politics are all elements the Castaways must use in their quest to become the reigning survivor.

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