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Third Anthology


Third Anthology

Premium-Eras-legendsPremium-Era-rebPremium-Era-real in: Real-world articles, Card game stubs, Star Wars Customizable Card Game Third Anthology Edit Share Third Anthology Publication information Game Star Wars Customizable Card Game Publisher Decipher, Inc. Publication date June 14th, 2000 [Source]

The Third Anthology set was the third anthology collection of the popular Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SWCCG). It was released June 14th, 2000. Each set contained two booster packs of Jabba's Palace expansion, two booster packs of Unlimited Premiere, one Light Side Special Edition Stater Deck, 1 Dark Side Special Edition Starter Deck, and the following six exclusive Premium cards:

  • A New Secret Base
  • Artoo-Detoo In Red 5
  • Echo Base Garrison
  • Prisoner 2187
  • Massassi Base Operations/One In A Million
  • Set Your Course For The Alderaan System/The Ultimate Power In The Universe

The contents, along with checklist of all Star Wars CCG cards published to date and a Glossary/Special Edition Rulebook, came in a long, 800+ count black box with an image of the Death Star and the Star Wars CCG logo on it.