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Theed Palace


Theed Palace Limited

Theed Palace Limited was the eleventh and final expansion set released by Decipher for the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. It consists of 120 regular cards (60 Dark Side and 60 Light Side cards) and nine alternate-image cards and was introduced in 2001. This set consists of 40 rare, 9 alternate-image, 40 uncommon, and 40 common cards.

It depicted the end battle for Naboo, both on the ground and in the air. It included the last objectives for the game (for Light Side, it depicted entering the Throne Room and capturing the Neimoidians, and for Dark Side it depicted invading and occupying Naboo).

As a sort-of-Easter egg, Decipher included Bravo Fighter, which, instead of the normal pilot symbol, had an Anakin symbol.

No Anakin Skywalker card had been made, although a Darth Sidious card was made in this set.