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Reflections III: Premium Cards


Reflections III

Reflections III was the last "reflection" set that Decipher released for its Star Wars Customizable Card Game. The Reflection sets (which also included Reflections: A Collector's Bounty, and Reflections II: Expanding the Galaxy) included foils (specialty cards with metal foil enhancements to the artwork) of previously released cards (an example would be a "Disarmed" card from Premiere, now released as a foil).

Each booster pack contained 18 cards (one random foil card and four premium cards which were unique to the Reflections III set, as well as cards found in previously released expansion sets). In total the entire Reflections III set contained 100 of these unique premium cards and 100 of the unique foil cards.

The set contains a total of 100 foils cards, which are four Ultra Rare, 54 Super Rare, and 42 Very Rare.