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Reflections II: Foil Cards


Reflections II: Expanding the Galaxy

Reflections II included previously released cards, now in a foil version with other cards from previous sets, as a way to help Decipher reduce its enormous surplus of cards. It was the first reflective-style set to include new cards.

This set contains a total of 105 Foil cards, which are 4 Ultra Rare, 62 Super Rare, and 34 Very Rare. In addition there were five Premium Foil Cards (Boba Fett with Blaster Rifle, Darth Vader (Japanese), Han with Heavy Blaster Pistol, Leia with Blaster Rifle, Obi-Wan with Lightsaber).

Reflections II was also known as "Expanding the Galaxy" as it included 54 New Premium cards based on the Expanded Universe, and was the first to introduce such cards.