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Runes & Ruins


Runes & Ruins

This booster was a tribute to all old TSR products in the 70's and early 80's. This booster did allow AD&D to become a full fledged world. The cards play well, but there were many mechanical problems that litter the set. For instance, all realms in this booster have the back printed upside down, being very reminicent of many 1st edition realms. Another key mistake they made is that all the wizards in the set had the wizard spell icon.

The other big thing this set gave Spellfire was Unarmed Combat Cards, in this case, only useable by heroes. Also, we had the first artifacts that were attached not by world, but by champion type. Overall, one of the better sets, with a fairly strong chase set.

Landmark Cards: Isle of the Ape (#1); Barrier Peaks (#7); The Lost City (#16); Bigby (#28); Vecna the Arch-lich (#34); The Keeper (#43); Intercession (#48); Tyranthraxus, the Possessing Spirit (#55); Volcanic Eruption (#64); Star Gems on Martek (#74-78); The Rahasia (#83); Haymaker (#92); Dream Team (c#1); Manshoon of the Zhentarim (c#6); Undead Regeneration (c#7); Runes of the Future (c#13); Gib Kcir (c#16); Dispel Psionics (c#17); and Boots of Fharanghn (c#21).