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This set brought some new concepts to the game, but still had some tragic flaws that could have been corrected if more playtesting had been used.

In this set, we saw two new types of cards used: Psionicists and Psionic Power Cards. There always mixed reviews of psionicist due to this set. Some thought (for some unknown reason to me) they were way too powerful.

The rest of us thought they still were highly underpowered compaired to wizard spells. Also, another new concept was born: The avatar. These very high level champions required a cleric to be discarded to get them into play, they were so powerful. Overall, a very powerful set.

Landmark Cards: Sword of the High King (#5); Rand the Bowyer (#13); Bilago Lumen (#17); Lyr of the Mists (#23); Kelaser Redbelt (#25); Caravan Raiders (#38); Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus (#42); Sirron, Avatar (#45); Living Wall (#58); Tako (#59); Earth Elemental (#60); Control Wind (#74); Kiri, Avatar of Kiri-Jolith (#79); Quill Pen of the Planes (c#8); Antimagic Cloud (c#16); and The Ultimate Rule Card (#18).