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This set added a lot to the game of Spellfire. First and formost, Dragonlance became the 5th world of Spellfire. Also, this is the set that first started denoting champion race. This included dwarves, elves, and kender (there still is only 2!). This caused much of the past cards to get bluelining, which means that even though Drizz't Do'Urden doesn't say Elf(Drow), he still is.

Another major concept never fully followed up on was cards that were effectively based on the time of day outside of the game (such as various wizards of the _____ robes, Dagger of Night (#65), and Time Shift: spells) . We also had the first time we use what is now the standard chase configuration (1 chase per 4 packs). This gave TSR many headaches, as apperently the boxes were poorly labeled and many purchasers thought that it was a chase a pack.

Finally, the last big advance that this set gave us swimmers, who were champions that could attack realms other than the lead one if the realm showed coastline, and earthwalkers, champions who could attack any realm regardless of position (but not restrictions).

Again, this was the cause of much blue-lining in the original Spellfire Reference Guide. Landmark Cards: Mithas (#1); Reorxcrown Mountains (#15); Raistlin Majere, Wizard of the Black robes (#31); Flint Fireforge (#37); Brine Dragon (#45); Blamblower (#56); Bronze Dragons (#97); Crossed Blades (c#8); Takhisis's Helmet of Power (c#18); and Medallion of Faith (c#25).