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Phase 6



Rage Across Las Vegas: Phase 6 was a card set released for Rage: Tribal War by Five Rings Publishing Group in 1998.

This set concludes the interlude set in 1887. Arthur Getty's role in the hotel fire is exposed, and the Uktena discover what became of Little Hans. With the Vision Doll lost, the only way to bind the Storm Eater is the Rite of Still Skies, but that will require the cooperation of all thirteen tribes of Garou — something that seems unlikely in the current climate of Las Vegas. Natasha Moon Chaser and the other time travelers return to the present, satisfied that they know what must be done.

This set included a number of reprints from earlier phases, which are marked on the table below with an asterisk next to their rarity. It also introduced the Battleground card type, which is no longer legal in tournament play.