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Ophidian CCG

Ophidian CCG
Ophidian CCG
SkyBox International / Fleer / Hack and Slash Games
Date published:
January 2003
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Ophidian is a highly strategic card game about Gladiator Combat in the 24th Century. The Gladiators hail from different worlds with different technological backgrounds, so the game covers all different genres including; Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steam Punk, Mythological, and Modern-Era!

Released in 2003, Ophidian: 2350 is a collectible card game (CCG) created by Ophidian Games and Fleer. It uses a play structure called the Flow rather than the normal turn-based system typically used in the genre.

In 2013, the unsold inventory of Ophidian 2350 game cards was rediscovered. It was purchased to form the basis of Hack and Slash Games. In 2015 Hack and Slash Games acquired licensing rights from Ophidian Games with a plan to bring the game back to market with a convention tour and Kickstarter event.

In 2016, Hack and Slash Games released Ophidian 2360: Survival of the Fittest, a non-collectible version of the game. It features updated icons, templates, and artwork, but is completely backwards compatible with the Ophidian 2350 release. Hack and Slash Games plans to continue to release expansions for Ophidian 2360, updating most of the Ophidian 2350 cards over time with the updated icons and templates, and sometimes with new artwork as well.

Ophidian CCG Database

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Ophidian 2350 CCG