CCG Trader




The set was announced in a press release from GE Fabbri Ltd. on 14 August 2007, and launched in September 2007 with a special issue of the magazine which included two packs of cards, an exclusive "Dalek Blaster" card and an A4 size card album with space for 432 cards. Additional packs were also available for purchase separately.

The Invader series consisted of a further 225 cards, numbered from 376-600 featuring characters from TV: Smith and Jones-Last of the Time Lords. They were split into the following categories:

184 (C) Common cards (8 in every pack) 25 (R) Rare cards (1 in every pack) 10 (SR) Super-Rare cards (1 in every 6 packs) 6 (UR) Ultra-Rare cards (1 in every 24 packs) 1 Golden Ticket card (1 in every 1000 packs)