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Wizard in Training TCG

Wizard in Training TCG
Wizard in Training TCG
Upper Deck
Date published:
October 2000
In print:
Official website:


Wizard in Training is an out of print trading card game from Upper Deck. It was released in the year 2000 during the hype of the Harry Potter books.

Upper Deck developed the gameplay while in talks to purchase the license for the Harry Potter Trading Card Game. When the license was purchased by Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck repackaged their game as Wizard in Training.

In Wizard in Training, two players take on the roles of students at Dragontooth Academy. For their final exam, students must face each other in battle and collect Dragonteeth for the right to become a wizard.


The purpose of the game is to collect dragonteeth and progress through five levels. The player obtains dragonteeth by playing items, casting spells, or by winning them by battling with monsters (called duel characters). Each time a player obtains a pre-determined number of dragonteeth, the player levels up. When reaching higher levels, the player is permitted to play higher level spells and duel characters.

Players use a pre-constructed deck of 30 cards. To begin the game, players shuffle their decks, place their character cards in front of them, and decide who goes first. Six characters were released: Nevin Crisp, Kelli Crisp, Seetha Devi, Kyle Giffen, Phil Yen, Kenzie Taylor.

Each turn progresses through four phases: Item phase, Spell phase, Duel phase, Discard/Redraw phase After the last phase, active play changes between players. The game continues until one player has reached level five and obtained 24 dragonteeth.

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