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WildStorms CCG

WildStorms CCG
WildStorms CCG
WildStorm Productions
Date published:
October 1995
In print:
Official website:


Wildstorms is an out-of-print collectible card game (CCG) published in October 1995. It was developed under the Image Comics Brand and published through Wildstorm under the helm of Jim Lee. It featured all of the Wildstorm characters.


Gameplay was balanced through a variety of recognizable CCG avenues. A small number of the most powerful cards were limited to one per deck, which prohibited one player from using multiple copies of one very powerful card. Many of the most powerful characters and equipment had an equally high Point Cost, which made them difficult to bring into play based on the game's mechanics (which limited the number of "Points" a player could bring into play each turn.) In many card games, a novice player would have difficulty defeating a player with the best cards (often most rare and expensive cards). Wildstorms balanced this by allowing the most common cards to take advantage of skills and abilities that increased their power, such as Teamwork and Leadership. These types of abilities could allow a small group of relatively weak characters to have a fighting chance against a very strong opponent.

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