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Siege of Malogrim Hive


The Siege of Malogrim Hive began when Malogrim's world was invaded, by the forces of three different Xeno and Chaos factions. It was only the berserker frenzy of the Space Marine's most ferocious Chapter — the Blood Angels — that stood between the innocent citizens of Malogrim and the enemies of Mankind. Though heavily outnumbered, the Blood Angels, led by Chapter Master Dante, were forced to repel the deadly assaults of Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka's vicious Ork Waaagh! and the murdering knives of a Dark Eldar Wych Cult, led by the Mistress of Death herself, the terrifying Lelith Hesperax. Perhaps even worse, Slaanesh, the Chaos God of excess, had bent his implacable will toward the beleaguered Hive World, and the Emperor's Children themselves invaded to satisfy their dark desires.