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Battle for Pandora Prime


The Battle for Pandora Prime began when the Hive World was invaded by the forces of Chaos, as well as the Orks and Eldar. The seeds for this conflict were planted long ago, when an ancient evil was defeated and sealed beneath Pandora Prime by the Eldar, well before it was colonized by the Imperium. Though the Eldar thought it would trouble them no longer, their foe's power had now, millennia later, drawn the forces of an Ork Warboss and Chaos Lord to release it, from where it now dwelt beneath the Hive city of Oberon. After receiving a vision of what was to come if it was unleashed, a Farseer also arrived on Pandora Prime with an Eldar warhost; intent on permanently destroying the ancient evil, and all those who sought to claim its power. Though it was now beset on all sides by the invading forces, all hope was not lost for Pandora Prime, as a Space Marine task force, composed of the Blood Angels and Ultramarines, soon arrived to aid the beleaguered Hive World. The battle between the Space Marines and invading forces lasted for several months, but ultimately Pandora Prime was saved; though the Hive World was left largely devastated because of the conflict.