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Tank Commander CCG

Tank Commander CCG
Tank Commander CCG
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Date published:
April 1996
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Tank Commander: The Eastern Front Edition is a collectible card game covering tactical combat on the Eastern Front during World War II. It can be played by two or more and includes a total of 164 different cards in three different rarities. Tank Commander is very simple to learn yet not simplistic to play. The Eastern Front Edition includes over 80 different tank models!

The game is sold in Playing decks of 60 cards each. One Display Box contains 12 Tank Commander Playing Decks.

The game is a simple tactical level card game of warfare with each card representing an individual tank, squad, gun and gun team, etc. There are terrain cards representing all forms of terrain that can be used to build custom scenarios. Also in the mix are special cards like minefields, Panzerfausts, Flank Shots, Snipers, Mine Dogs, Artillery barrages and counter barrages, air strikes, etc. Even though this is a CCG, it plays well with a few starter decks. Deck building is point based with a value assigned to each card so it's not necessarily to one's advantage to have a bunch of high value cards. Also, the rarity mix in the set was supposedly based on the availability of the actual equipment in WWII on the East Front. There are plenty of good common and uncommon cards that are best used to build a deck.

A player's guide is also available with comprehensive rules, errata, advanced rules, optional rules, card lists and more scenarios.

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