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Star Wars Force Attax

Star Wars Force Attax
Star Wars Force Attax
Date published:
September 2010
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A collectible card game from Topps based on Star Wars universe. There are 190 cards to collect for this CCG. Cards are jam-packed with Star Wars characters and scenes including the wise and powerful Master Yoda and the supremely evil Darth Sidious.

With the fate of the galaxy at stake, the time has come for you to decide if you will take up arms with the Jedi and fight for the Republic, or succumb to the power of the Dark Side and join the Sith and their Separatist allies?

Cards are distributed in packets with 5 random cards. Cards are divided into three allegiances (Republic, Separatist and Mercenary), and 12 character types (Jedi Knight, Navy, Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter, Droid, Senate, Sith, Crime Lord, Clone Trooper, Vehicle, Viceroy, Pirate). Each card has two values - defense rating and attack rating.

The game is designed for two players. Each player must have 12 cards in their unit (deck), with the following deck building rules - at least 4 different character types, only 1 star foil, only 1 force master.

Players lay their cards (all 12) faced down, and flip a coin to see who goes first. First player pick the card to play with and the type of action (defense or attack). Second player responds with his own card of choice. Player with higher number wins the turn. There are 12 turns in the game. Played cards are discarded and the game continues with remaining cards, until all 12 are played (12 turns). Winner of the game is the player with the higher number of winning turns.

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