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Star of the Guardians

Star of the Guardians
Star of the Guardians
Mag Force 7
Date published:
April 1995
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Star of the Guardians is a 2-player Collectible Card Game in which the players play cards to deploy spaceships and destroy each other's empire. The game is set in a science-fiction setting of the same name, novelized in a 4-book series by Margaret Weis. For the game, players buy (collect) cards to build up their decks, which are shuffled and from which cards are drawn into hands and played.

Players take on the roles of Warlords and to deploy their navies, they play system cards, which bestow Influence points. Other cards can then be played if their cost in Influence are met. Personality cards provide special abilities and personality points, which are required to play certain cards. Fate, Damage, Artifacts and Tactics cards are played to alter the outcomes of battles fought among the deployed naval ships (Battleships, Carriers, Destroyers, etc) and squadrons of fighters and bombers.

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Star of the Guardians