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Intermezzo was the first of the fan made sets for Rage: Apocalypse. It was a small set available as a PDF download that players had to print out at home. It introduced only 15 new cards, but after Rage had been out of production for 8 years, any new cards were welcome.

Intermezzo packed a lot into 15 cards as it introduced several 'magic bullet' style cards to counter abusive play strategies that had dominated play for years. In an unusual move for many fan made card sets, the cards were fully illustrated. The art was also legally obtained and used with the artist's stated permission, with full copyright information displayed for both White Wolf and the artists to avoid any legal wrangling.

Intermezzo was featured in a short article in InQuest Gamer’s February 2004 issue (#106).

When originally issued, Intermezzo's production quality was a little spotty in places as the card plates were painstakingly reconstructed and there were only a few artists working on the project. Intermezzo was later "remastered" to increase image clarity and incorporate a slight layout and title font change. It will be remastered again to switch it to the correct text font.