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Monster Hunter Hunting Card TCG

Monster Hunter Hunting Card TCG
Monster Hunter Hunting Card TCG
Date published:
October 2008
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Monster Hunter Hunting Card is a Trading Card Game using the Monster Hunter Series. Capcom started the series on 25 October 2008. The "Monster Hunter Hunting Card" series consisted of Booster packs for 315 yen, Half pre-built decks for 756 yen and Pre-built decks for 1,200 yen.

The Monster Hunter game had periodic card updates. Following the 25 October debut, Capcom planned seasonal updates for Winter 2008, Spring 2009 and Summer 2009.

The game was only ever released in Japanese.

Card Rarity
Cards in this game are rated Rare 1, Rare 2, Rare 3, Rare 4. CCGTrader displays these rarities as follows:

Rare 1 = Common
Rare 2 = Uncommon
Rare 3 = Rare
Rare 4 = Ultra Rare

Monster Hunter Hunting Card TCG Database

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