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MegaMan: NT Warrior TCG

MegaMan: NT Warrior TCG
MegaMan: NT Warrior TCG
Date published:
January 2004
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The MegaMan NT Warrior Trading Card Game was a collectible card game created by Decipher Inc. Three sets of cards were released before production of the game was ceased in May of 2005. The game is based on the MegaMan NT Warrior anime from the Mega Man Battle Network series. There was a Navi card of Mega Man X that came with the game Mega Man X: Command Mission.

MegaMan: NT Warrior TCG Database

Below is a complete database of the MegaMan: NT Warrior TCG. Click on one of the sets below to view the cards in that set. Click on a card to add it for sale, trade or a wishlist / collection. If you find any errors in the database, please contact us using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.