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Booster Brawl


Booster Brawl

Booster Brawl is a set in the Trading Card Game. It includes 8 assorted booster packs and 3 exclusive cards.

How to Play

In Booster Brawl, players play from a shared deck made out of 8 boosters and draft cards as they play against each other.

Create a shared deck (or stack of cards) by opening all eight booster packs and shuffling them without any of the code cards. Hold those aside for redemption on the website.

Each player puts five cards from the top of the shared deck face down into his or her Shield Zone, just like you would from your own deck in a typical game of Kaijudo. Note that in a Kaijudo Booster Brawl game, you do not start the game with a hand of cards.

Put the top five cards from the deck face up into the Veil area of gameplay.

Decide who will play first (just as if playing a typical Kaijudo game). In a Booster Brawl game, however, the first player does not skip his or her first draw. Everyone draws at each turn.

During each player’s turn, but before that player draws his or her card from the deck for the turn, that player picks one card from the Veil area of the game and puts it into his or her hand. On your turn, you pick the card you want from the face-up selection and then you draw a card from the shared stack of cards. Whenever the Veil is empty, after you've drawn a card on your turn, refill the Veil.

Play the game as you would a standard Kaijudo game, picking and drawing cards on every turn until one duelist emerges a winner! Re-shuffle the deck, or add in new boosters, and start all over. If your shared stack runs out before you have a winner, shuffle the discard pile and use those cards to complete the game for a win.