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Highlander: The Card Game CCG

Highlander: The Card Game CCG
Highlander: The Card Game CCG
Thunder Castle Games
Date published:
August 1995
In print:
Official website:


Highlander: The Card Game is an out-of-print collectible card game based on the Highlander franchise of films and television series. Players build decks from a 400+ card set, taking on the persona of one of the Immortals depicted in the franchise.


The core of the game takes the form of a sword duel with players alternately playing attacks and defenses. Other cards are played to affect the basic rules of the game. You win when your opponent is reduced to 0 ability or cannot avoid a "headshot" attack (i.e. decapitation, the only way to permanently kill an Immortal within the franchise canon). An expansion called the Movie Edition was released in mid March of 1996.

Highlander: The Card Game CCG Database

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