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High Stakes Drifter CCG

High Stakes Drifter CCG
High Stakes Drifter CCG
Date published:
November 2005
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The Wild West was never as much fun as the betting-and-bluffing world of High Stakes Drifter! The hustlers, gamblers, lawmen, first nations, and outlaws have all thrown in their chips, and only those with nerves of steel and the right mix of skill, luck, and smarts will prevail! Combining elements of traditional saloon games and featuring photography and personalities from the Wild West such as Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, High Stakes Drifter is the first collectible card game from WizKids and the first CCG that gets better as more players sit down at the table. Special kicker chips add just a pinch of luck, but the greatest bettors and bluffers will prevail in the dusty world of High Stakes Drifter!

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High Stakes Drifter CCG