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Gwiezdna Kohorta CCG (Star Cohort)

Gwiezdna Kohorta CCG (Star Cohort)
Gwiezdna Kohorta CCG (Star Cohort)
Wydawnictwo Imperium
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Star Cohort depicts the fatal clash between two civilizations in space: Earthlings and Kalmians. Each players each choose different races and prepare a deck of that race.

A deck consists of at least 60 cards. They are divided into the following types: Leaders, Ships, Troops, Commanders, Planets, Locations, Orders, Special Cards, and Missions.

The leader is a special character played during setup, and losing him results in an immediate loss. Another way to win is to accumulate more Victory Points (VP) than your opponent. VPs are awarded for controlling planets and locations at the end of each turn, and for destroying enemy ships, units, and commanders.

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Gwiezdna Kohorta CCG