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Flights of Fantasy CCG

Flights of Fantasy CCG
Flights of Fantasy CCG
Destini Productions Inc.
Date published:
September 1994
In print:
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Flights of Fantasy is a fantasy trading card art set that was turned into a collectible card game near the end of its development and marketed as a "Collectors Card Set & Game". It was published by Destini Productions and was released in September 1994. The set had 118 cards and was sold only in booster packs. Scrye noted that the gameplay element was a "very minor" part to what was essentially a "card art set" and appeared to be "grafted on" and was about to fun to play as "doing your taxes". It was also noted that the game is generally not considered the second CCG released after Magic: the Gathering because of its gimmicky nature. All of the card art was created by Ed Beard Jr..

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