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Dragon Ball GT TCG

Dragon Ball GT TCG
Dragon Ball GT TCG
Date published:
February 2004
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This was the companies 4th major game release in 4 years and will dovetail directly from their long standing Tween boy best seller, the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. Upon launch, the game had more than 340 cards in its core set, and will be found in retailers across the nation. An unprecedented 72 card starter deck will have an SRP of only $10.99 and was supported with 10 card expansion packs with an SRP of only $2.99.

"Dragon Ball GT is everything Dragon Ball Z was...and more, much more," Jonathan Quesenberry, Director of Marketing for Score Entertainment, said. "We've created one of the most comprehensive programs in the market to date."

There will be two full foil parallel sets for collectors to choose from - one will be the traditional 'rainbow' foil pattern and the other will be an entirely new unique foil pattern produced exclusively for this product. Thus every card in the set will actually have 3 variations to collect, some much rarer than others. Finally, the game boasts the first ever customizable character cards to be used as a standard game mechanic for the game. By combining cards printed on clear acrylic plastic with paper 'backer' cards, enthusiasts can now bring a different customized version of their Main Character to the table for every game! "With customizable Acrylic character cards, fully randomized starter decks and two full parallel foil sets, we have successfully raised the bar in this category," Quesenberry said. "The time for the Dragon Ball GT Trading Card Game is NOW."

Dragonball GT TCG Database

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