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Dinosaur King TCG

Dinosaur King TCG
Dinosaur King TCG
Upper Deck
Date published:
November 2008
In print:
English, French
Official website:


The Dinosaur King TCG was created by 4Kids Entertainment in conjunction with Upperdeck; as of such, there is no Japanese Trading Card Game (partially because Japan's TCG is pretty much their arcade games). Its earliest editions were released at some point during 2008, with up to 3 booster sets released each year at regular intervals.

The TCG made many Move Card Dinosaurs into regular Dinosaurs: for example, Minmi, a Grass Move Dinosaur in the arcade game became an Earth dinosaur in the TCG; Futabasaurus and Seismosaurus, Water and Grass Move Dinosaurs respectively, became Water Dinosaurs; and Velociraptor, Troodon, and Gallimimus, Normal Move Dinosaurs, became Wind Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur King TCG Database

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Dinosaur King TCG: Starter Sets