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Digimon D-Tector CCG

Digimon D-Tector CCG
Digimon D-Tector CCG
Date published:
January 2002
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The Digimon D-Tector Card Game is an offshoot from the Digi-Battle Collectible Card Game. The cards are compatible with the D-Tector digital device, but also allow a typical CCG game.

The game allows players to collect and battle with Digimon. There are 4 Card types, Digimon, Digivolve, Digi-modify, and Digi-Destined. There are also 4 sub-types of Digimon, Rookie, Ultimate, Champion, & Mega. The Goal of the game is to defeat the opponent's Digimon, and gain Data Points.

Digimon D-Tector CCG Database

Below is a complete database of the Digimon D-Tector CCG. Click on one of the sets below to view the cards in that set. Click on a card to add it for sale, trade or a wishlist / collection. If you find any errors in the database, please contact us using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.