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Disney Club Penguin Trading Card Game, known as Card-Jitsu, is one of the children's games available in the Club Penguin online community. The online version of the game has a similar rules to the physical card game.

There are two rule sets: Quick Game Rules and Standard Game Rules. Quick Game Rules is basically rock-paper-scissors with cards (water beats fire, fire beats snow, snow beats water). Each card has a numeric value from 1 to 12, which is used to resolve winners when the symbol is the same. The player who wins the most battles, wins the game.

Under the Standard Game Rules, each player starts with a deck of 20 or more cards. The decks are shuffled and players maintain 5 cards in their hand. Combat can now be affected by special powers on some of the cards (for instance, "fire cards become snow for this round"). The winner is the first player to collect either a set of the three cards with the same symbol and with different number colors or a set of three cards with different symbols and different number colors.

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