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Boy Crazy

Boy Crazy
Boy Crazy
Date published:
October 2000
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Boy Crazy is a simple collectible card game for girls, created by Decipher Inc. during the Pokémon Trading Card Game boom.

Cards are distributed in packs of 9 cards. Each card featured a picture of a boy aged 12–22, his first name, set of statistics about him (height, date of birth, color of eyes), and a list of his likes and dislikes. Cards includes boys from across the United States, from different ethnic backgrounds and hair and eye colors, including disabled boys.

Game is basically a very simple matchmaking game. Minimum requirements for game are at least 9 cards, and each player should have pencil and paper. Play begins when players decide who gets to go first. Using the Boy Crazy cards (9 cards or more), first player secretly writes down which boy she likes best and why. Then the first player lays out the cards so everyone can see them. The other players try to make a match by writing who they think is the best boy for the first player and why. Then, each of the other players take turns revealing who they chose as her match. After the first player reveals her response, scores are tabulated for that round. Each player who correctly matches the first player's response scores a point. Play continues until every girl has a chance for her friends to guess her match. To start a new round players should discard starting set of 9 cards and draw a new set of 9 cards. The player or players who makes the most correct guesses wins.

The game was so popular that Decipher launched a companion "Boy Crazy" magazine in September 2001.

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