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Berserk TCG (Konami)

Berserk TCG (Konami)
Berserk TCG (Konami)
Date published:
November 2003
In print:
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The Berserk Trading Card Game is the official Berserk card game based on the manga series by Kentarou Miura. Published by the company Konami from 2003 to 2005, 5 sets, known as "volumes", were released before the game was discontinued. The first volume contains 160 cards, the second and third contain 64 each, and the fourth and fifth contain 80 each (not including the parallel variants or the secret, art, and illustration cards from each volume). In addition, the first volume's starter box contains 5 city cards.

The emblem in the top right corner of each card indicates its rarity: cards with a bronze emblem are categorized as common, cards with a silver emblem as uncommon, cards with a gold emblem as rare, and cards with a red emblem as super rare. Promotional prize cards are emblazoned with a taupe emblem and marked "not for sale". Promotional cards were given for member registration, tournament participation, tournament prizes, and as box toppers (for volumes 4 & 5), as well as one particular card that was packaged with an issue of Young Animal magazine. Every rare, super rare, and secret full art card has a holographic variant known as a parallel card. In addition, gold rimmed variants were released with every Guts and Griffith figure sold from ToysRUs stores in Japan for a limited time.

The cards' illustrations consist of original paintings by Miura, colored manga panels, and original art from Konami.