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Bella Sara TCG

Bella Sara TCG
Bella Sara TCG
Hidden City Games / Conceptcard
Date published:
September 2005
In print:
English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Official website:


The Bella Sara trading card game was created in Denmark in 2005 by former social worker, Gitte Braendgaard, through the company Conceptcard. Bella Sara is named after Gitte's daughter, Sara and her first horse, Bella. The series was originally known simply as "Bella".

First introduced to the North American market in 2007 by Hidden City Entertainment, Inc., the newly renamed Bella Sara quickly expanded into an international children’s entertainment property. Since its introduction, Bella Sara has broadened its family of products from trading cards and virtual world (playable at to DVDs, toys, books, video games, arts and crafts, games and puzzles, apparel, back to school and more in the North American and International markets. The cards were also published in several languages around the world, including French, German, and Italian.

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