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Babylon 5 CCG

Babylon 5 CCG
Babylon 5 CCG
Precedence Entertainment
Date published:
December 1997
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The Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game (B5 CCG) is an out-of-print collectible card game set in the Babylon 5 universe. The game is ideally set for 4-5 players but can be played with a minimum of two players up to as many as 20 if using multiple Non-Aligned Factions and Home Factions.

This CCG is distinct from most others of the genre for being specifically designed to be played by more than two players. The gameplay tends to have strong political elements encouraging significant player interaction aka "table talk" which is appropriate for a game based on a series which featured such a strong element of political intrigue.

During its brief six-year existence under the Precedence Entertainment banner it released two core sets, five expansions sets and one revision set. There were two World Championships during that time.

B5 Virtual Card Game

A number of fan sets have been created and there is an active Facebook group led by Bruce Mason, one of the senior Rangers, that is re-imagining the game under the name the B5 Virtual Card Game (B5VCG). So far they have produced three expansions, 'AnlaShok', 'The Vorlons' and 'Signs & Portents'. They have also done an extensive rewrite of the rules, called the 'Engine Edition'.

Babylon 5 CCG Database

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